The power of JAMStack

With JAMStack you get the best of dynamic React components and the speed of static HTML content

Some of my projects:



open-source CMS


open-source web framework

colorscheme generator

marketing website and blog

Popular NPM packages

237.3k downloads for nextjs-redirect
2.5k downloads for miny
1.6k downloads for vim-colors
2.2k downloads for livesoccertv-parser

Featured repos

/codesandbox9.9 k

An online IDE for rapid web development

/lad1.7 k

Lad scaffolds a Koa webapp and API framework for Node.js

/forwardemail.net1.5 k

The best free email forwarding for custom domains


HOC to redirect to any URL in NextJS both in client and server


Simple app to time your Rubik's Cube solves


The simplest but configurable online clock


Quickly show all your terminal colors


Simple app to check your laptop's battery health.


Extremely fast and simple git prompt for bash and zsh


Blazing fast personal website with Jamstack


Parse soccer games data from


The minimal module generator that generated itself


Drag & Drop to share files/folders in your network